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Euros are the currency used in Spain. Bills will come in  €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500.  Coins will be found in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent, €1 and €2.  Click Here for current exchange rates 

While in Spain make sure to protect yourself against petty theft. Watch all your belongings and keep them visible to you at all times. It only takes a second for thieves to make off with your belongings. It is very common to have your wallet taken while in a crowd by pickpocketers.

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Spain is a part of the Schengen Agreement.  Americans are able to enter Spain for 90 days for tourist of business purposes. 

Spain is a massive country and has multiple time zones. They do observe daylight savings.


Known for it warm weather, energetic festivities, tropical rain forests, and miles of beautiful beaches, who could resist the temptation for a fun filled vacation . 

Major Cities

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Whats on the Menu

Paella is a traditional Spanish dish which has many different variations. This has white rice as its main ingredient which is then combined with seafood, vegetables, and choice meats. Saffron and rosemary are combined which give this dish a unique flavor and color.
Flan, made from eggs, caramel, hardened sugar, and condensed milk, you will not be able to pass this up come desert. This is a staple in Spain, France, and Portugal, Latin American Country.