Is It Really Worth It?

So, you sit down and plan everything out for your upcoming vacation with your travel mate. Having to figure out the last few logistical items, you start the question, should I or should I not hire a car service? So you search and find a few local companies that provide transportation and call and get your quotes. You hear words like shared or private transportation and get get prices that range to $50 per person shared or even a $200 per group private. Hmmmm maybe I can save money and drive myself. So which is a better deal ? Well it all depends , what’s your time and sanity worth?

First the old, let’s drive ourselves. Here you would think you would save $200 right ? Wrong! Yes you would save the $200 dollars but still would need to fill up you gas tank, pay tolls, and the biggest cost at as high as $20 per day is parking. That’s also if you can fit everything thing in one car. So you could be paying as much as $200-$300 just to drive yourself.

Next the old shared shuttle, it has to be a money saver right? Well some times it is, but unfortunately most times it’s not . How many times have you passed the broken down shuttle bus? Or what about, well we have 9 more stops before we can depart to the airport. Now hopefully you are the 9th pickup, so you don’t have to wait in the van and wonder if you will make your flight. How about, the classic, I’m sorry we don’t have a shuttle for that time you can choose a time earlier or later one. So, it must be worth it, right??? Wrong!!!! Well if you have just 3 people traveling together and are getting home pickup, at an added price , it’s already about $200 . Guess what you are still going to packed in like sardines. That doesn’t souled like a vacation or worth that kind of money.

However, if you want to save money and enjoy a peaceful ride book private, reliable, and luxury rides with You-Planet . We offer private, superior service, at your requested pickup times, and all right now for under $200. So why deal with the hassle and jeopardize your vacation and still pay more than you should . Give us a call 352-239-1576 or visit

Why choose our transportation company!!!

Are you considering traveling with a large group?

Why should you choose our services.

An airport shuttle service saves you the trouble of figuring out the city you are visiting and their public transportation system, no need to carry your bags around with you too — and the expense of hailing a taxi or taxis if with a large group both ways.

When you think about transporting 11 people to or from an airport you need to consider:

  • The number of vehicles you will need to drive (don’t forget about your luggage)
  • Gas x3 cars
  • Tolls x3 cars both ways
  • Parking for the duration of your trip sometimes 7 days x 3 cars
  • Wear and tear on your vehicles
  • The possibility a vehicle will break down
  • Not to mention the memories that will be made on the trip to and from the destination with your group.

So for one price divide by your entire group is well worth it. Hope to see you soon.

Off the beaten path…..

So while visiting Madrid, Spain, I had just a few hours to spend seeing everything I could. What seems like the most logical solution was to take the metro or hop on, hop off tour bus everywhere. However, beside the extra cost and not getting lost, could there be any other negatives to be found with this way of thinking.

The answer is YES. This trip I opted for the self tour, as Madrid is a very easy city to navigate. I of course had all the same sites that the tour company’s herd you like cattle to, but I was able to go off the beaten path, down side streets and find those quite tucked away places that only the locals know about. You find yourself far away from the souvenir shops, facile glasses and purse, and mass produced foods. I found this leads to a much more of a authentic taste of the city. In a little under 8 hrs I had seen most of the major sites, but I had also had authentic paella, seen a Flamingo show and had peaceful time to reflect. Also you will find more authentic and meaningful souvenirs and entertainment.

Now I’m not advocating for you to explore all parts of every city, what I’m am saying is to do a little research and find those cities that are safe and inviting for this type of exploration.

Some of the sites I saw, cost just some calories:

  • Plaza Mayor
  • Plaza de España
  • El Retiro Park
  • Royal Palace
  • Santa Maria Church
  • Casa Patas
  • Gran Via
  • Puerto Del Sol
  • Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid
  • Plaza de Neptuno


    When visiting the Dominican Republic, it is likely you will encounter someone trying to sell you this product. With a name similar to an illegal drug, this might catch the unsuspecting tourists off guard. But have no fear, what you heard was really Mama – Juana. This is a special drink in the Dominican Culture. Most people swear by its medicinal and mood properties and others just for its taste, but none the less people love it. This was thought to have been created by Jesus Rodriguez in the 1950s but has been debated by many actually predating this time. 

     Well enough about the facts, I bet you want to know what is in it and why should you consume it? Well, let’s start with what is in it. Although some slight variations, for the most part, it should consist of a unique blend of bark and herbs, red wine, rum, and honey, soaked for at least 5 days. After that, it is ready to be consumed for whatever reason you see fit. Most people consume it as an aphrodisiac, cold remedy, general wellness drink or just to sip on, it does deliver in its taste. The best part is that once you drink it all, well then you just make it again. It is said that you can repeat the process for many years before needing to purchase new ingredients again. 

     Luckily if you are not able to travel there, with the power of the internet, you are able to find online retailers who will ship it right to your door. So if you’re looking to try something new I would suggest giving this Dominican Republic preparation a try. Who knows, your health or spouse may thank you.

Andrew Bragoli 


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When it comes time to disconnect while on vacation, can you? On recent travels to the Dominican Republic my family opted to leave the kids’ iPads behind. We decided to take just a single phone for the “necessities”. Well, it turns out it was a lot harder than I thought to completely disconnect. Having this picture in my head of family fun without electronics quickly faded. As the heat and sun beat down on the kids, they ran for cover into the shade. However,  that’s when they started to go through withdrawals from the favorite Netflix shows. So, to enjoy time with my wife, I chose to cave in and give them the phone to make it easier, or so I thought. What was laughter, smiles, and innocent fun before, quickly turned to fights and whining over who’s not getting their way. 

Was I the only person or parent not able to get away from the phone, I asked myself ? Well, I quickly had my answer with just a quick glance around the pool. No, I certainly was not the only family having a hard time disconnecting. About 80 percent of the people sitting around us were so engrossed in social media, FaceTime, or worse, poolside SELFIES. At sometimes so oblivious to their surroundings, that their children could be kidnapped or drowned and it would take 10-15 minutes for them to realize it. One couple had the most romantic setting for dinner, poolside, complete with rose pedals and lanterns. However, 5 minutes into dinner the conversation died down and phones where picked up. Why is it we fly halfway around the world to go on vacation, but we never leave everything completely behind ? We are so concerned with what is happening back home or living our deceptive life on social media,that we have such a hard time being in the moment and embracing the culture around us. Instead, embrace the language, customs, and even pick up on interesting things happening all around you. Isn’t after all why you went on vacation to the certain place after all! 

Days 2 and 3 came to a lot easier when we chose to ditch the electronics and truly enjoy ourselves. Spending time with the family was much more rewarding than any likes on a social media account or phone conversation with someone you will see when you get home. I challenge you to put your phones downs and do what you intended to do when you booked your vacation.  So, what are your thoughts on this? Is it ok that we need to always be so connected to some type of electronics? What is the worst thing you have seen with a person or family unable to disconnect while on vacation? Be sure to check out my other easy reads.

Andrew Bragoli 4/4/2019