Earn Free Rides

Congratulations !!!! You picked the right company that is committed to giving back to you and those you recommend.  There are three ways to earn, and they are effortless.  While reading other companies reviews it became evident that customers were not rewarded. So with You-Planet, we are offering our first rewards program and  4 credits = Free one-way transfer. When booking don’t forget to use your customer ID and be sure that your referral uses your ID when booking so you both earn. If you are a new customer you will receive your ID number during your first booking. 

 1) Every 4th ride that is paid for and completed with You-Planet will automatically earn  1 credit per ride, so that means your 5th ride free. This is a great option if you are a frequent traveler  after after your 2nd roundtrip booking, you already earned a free one-way transfer to one of the following airports or cruise ports (MCO, GNV, SFB, TPA, Port Canaveral, and  Port of Tampa)

2) If you refer You-Planet to a friend and they book with us, you both earn rewards. Once the referral ride has been paid and completed you will earn 0.5 ride credit towards your goal. Your referral will receive 1 ride credit towards their 4 credits needed for their 5th is free. 

3)Lastly, if your referral refers someone, you receive 0.25 credit, they receive 0.5 credit, and the new customer receives 1 full credit. 

You-Planet not only wanted to provide you with great service every time, but we knew that you should also be rewarded for being a returning customer. You are what matters most and want to say thank you for it.

Safe Travels ~ You-Planet