Is It Really Worth It?

So, you sit down and plan everything out for your upcoming vacation with your travel mate. Having to figure out the last few logistical items, you start the question, should I or should I not hire a car service? So you search and find a few local companies that provide transportation and call and get your quotes. You hear words like shared or private transportation and get get prices that range to $50 per person shared or even a $200 per group private. Hmmmm maybe I can save money and drive myself. So which is a better deal ? Well it all depends , what’s your time and sanity worth?

First the old, let’s drive ourselves. Here you would think you would save $200 right ? Wrong! Yes you would save the $200 dollars but still would need to fill up you gas tank, pay tolls, and the biggest cost at as high as $20 per day is parking. That’s also if you can fit everything thing in one car. So you could be paying as much as $200-$300 just to drive yourself.

Next the old shared shuttle, it has to be a money saver right? Well some times it is, but unfortunately most times it’s not . How many times have you passed the broken down shuttle bus? Or what about, well we have 9 more stops before we can depart to the airport. Now hopefully you are the 9th pickup, so you don’t have to wait in the van and wonder if you will make your flight. How about, the classic, I’m sorry we don’t have a shuttle for that time you can choose a time earlier or later one. So, it must be worth it, right??? Wrong!!!! Well if you have just 3 people traveling together and are getting home pickup, at an added price , it’s already about $200 . Guess what you are still going to packed in like sardines. That doesn’t souled like a vacation or worth that kind of money.

However, if you want to save money and enjoy a peaceful ride book private, reliable, and luxury rides with You-Planet . We offer private, superior service, at your requested pickup times, and all right now for under $200. So why deal with the hassle and jeopardize your vacation and still pay more than you should . Give us a call 352-239-1576 or visit

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